National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED) is a unique non-governmental organization driving and thriving on socialistic notion with righteous academicians, corporate citizens, and entrepreneurs in its fold, which is established in pursuance to create socio-economic sustenance through entrepreneurship Development. It has commenced its operations as a virtual organization, since 2003 and functions as a learning organization after its official establishment in the form of registered trust in 2013 and hitherto. It basically focuses on Awareness, Training and Research in the functional areas of Entrepreneurship Development. NFED believes that Entrepreneurship Development and Skill Development are the sheer necessity for a developing nation like India. However, it serves under a glocal perspective to bring in prosperity by and large to foster entrepreneurial progression amongst all communities in general and women in particular across the nation. NFED intends to promulgate women in diverse fields through its entrepreneurship development research and social wellness programmes respectively. NFED is intending to identify the lacunas of workforce, aspirants and allied communities, which derelict to introspect their potential to become socially productive and economically viable. It emphasizes on self-introspection, orderliness, skill development, socio-environmental learning etc. that foster the overall enterprising qualities. To foster this notion it has its customized method to inculcate such awareness, training and orientation for capacity building to induce entrepreneurship skills. Moreover, NFED figured out that entrepreneurship development is possible with two aspects: formation of medium of Enterprising Awareness Creation (EAC) and carving a pathway for obtaining appropriate Entrepreneurship Opportunity Guidance (EOG), which in turn gauge, identify, nurture and shape the individual’s personality as a potential workforce and vibrant resource for performing any enterprising activity. NFED aims to bring out new vistas on these avenues and focus mainly on these two aspects to promote vibrant entrepreneurs who are at nascent level. It is a foundation deemed to unshelve their dreams into realities through entrepreneurship through congregating the course of entrepreneurship education and training so as to become enterprising and also to undertake an entrepreneurial activity. NFED is shouldering the creation of enterprising cult since its inception and taken it as its predominant responsibility for fostering and facilitating forthcoming generations to become competent and to attain super-competency through enterprising skills. It strongly believes that this facilitation will surely pave the way for upbringing of its fellow men and women across India and Globe. To accomplish its mission it has expanded its operation through chapters, zones, territories across the different states within India. NFED concentrates on entrepreneurship education, techno-application, practice, dissemination, interaction, publication, documentation, etc. whichever create vibrant entrepreneurs and build an entrepreneurial base for future progressive society in particular. It has officially constituted the NFED Business Facilitation Forum (NBFF) on 7th November 2015 in its foundation day to foster its mission and to act as a platform for building a business network and knowledge sharing towards socio-economic sustenance. Also, it regards the societal development through its social sensational awards instituted under its ambit namely: Teachers’ Day Awards, Women’s Day Awards, Entrepreneurs’ Day Awards and Children’s Day Awards, which are awarded at national levels and some awards at international levels. NFED has endorsed more than 700 awards in a span of six years as per its official mandate, since 2010. The awardees included: eminent scholars, renowned academicians, school teachers, institutional professors, trainers, corporate citizens, vibrant and burgeoning entrepreneurs, volunteers, social activists, social workers, free-lancers, self-employed, workforces, social entrepreneurs, media professionals, etc. hailing from heterogeneous populace across the nation and globe. It has published two refereed and indexed national conference proceedings and an editorial volume on perspectives of entrepreneurship and management research.

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